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Dr. William L. Chambers has been a pediatric dentist for over 42 years. He attended the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry at Chapel Hill where he received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree. In addition, he completed his degree in pediatric dentistry, along with a Master of Science, from the University of North Carolina. Dr. Chambers has excelled in his specialty and is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist. He also has in depth training and experience in dental growth and development and interceptive orthodontics.

Dr. Chambers is a member of such organizations as American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Southeastern Society of Pediatric Dentistry and the North Carolina Association of Pediatric Dentistry. A dedicated professional, Dr. Bill strives to provide all of his patients with the most comprehensive and advanced pediatric dental care available.

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Dr. Angela P Baechtold is a Board Certified Specialist in Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. She is a 1995 graduate of the University Of North Carolina School Of Dentistry at Chapel Hill, where she received her Doctorate of Dental Surgery followed by a three year post-doctoral program residency in Pediatric Dentistry completed in 1998. She received extensive training in the growth and development of children, adolescents and special needs patients in treating their preventive, restorative, or surgical oral and dental health needs. Dr. Baechtold is an active participant in a numbers of organizations in her field including the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and NC Association of Pediatric Dentistry where she served as past president. She serves as the North Carolina state representative to the Southeast Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

Dr. Angie enjoys making every childs visit a fun and comfortable experience while focusing on dental health and helping her patients feel great about themselves. Dr. Angie is a great listener and enjoys getting to know her patients their families and watching them grow and change over the years. Dr. Angie works with her great staff to create a positive, warm, and fun environment for our patients. One of the best complimentsDr. Angie received was when a young patient asked if she could have her birthday party at our office!

Dr. Angie and her children Ethan and Anna Kate have lived in Asheville since 1999. They enjoy traveling, playing their musical instruments and being outdoors. When Dr. Angie is not at the office she enjoys gardening, cooking, mountain biking, and walking her goldendoodles!

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Dr. Douglas B. Pratt is a Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry. He received both his Undergraduate degree and his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Upon graduation from dental school, Dr. Pratt completed a residency in Advanced General Dentistry and practiced general dentistry for four years. Treating children was always Dr. Dougs passion as a general dentist, yet he wasnt satisfied with the level of care he could provide children and their parents. Always striving for excellence, he completed a post-doctoral residency in Pediatric Dentistry at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC. During his education, he has been taught by some of the leaders in growth and development, child management and childrens oral health. Prior to joining Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Doug was an associate for three years in private Pediatric Dental practice.

Dr. Doug is the proud father of three girls, twins Shayne and Rylee and their little sister Kate. They love spending time together and can often be found at soccer games, swim practices, hiking or just having fun at the local playground.

You and your child will find Dr. Doug to be kindhearted, gentle and knowledgeable in a comforting way. His motto is, Where Excellence, Dentistry, and Fun Collide and his goal is to make your child LOVE coming to the dentist.

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Dr. Laura P. Hogue specializes in Pediatric and Adolescent Dentistry. She has over 30 years of private practice experience treating children, adolescents and patients with special needs. As a pediatric dentist, she enjoys being an advocate for a childs dental health and wellbeing. Dr. Laura says its very rewarding to watch a child develop into a wonderful young adult. She has spent most of her life in Louisiana, graduating from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge (GO TIGERS!)and went to dental school and pediatric dentistry residency in New Orleans. Since then, she has been a partner in a private group practice with orthodontists and general dentists.

Dr. Laura just moved to Asheville and has fallen in love with the area. She and her family are enjoying all the outdoor activities like hiking and biking. She is also looking forward to tubing, canoeing and more! Dr. Laura has been married to Charlie, her husband and a general dentist, for 38 years. They have 4 kids, one boy and three girls. One daughter just got married and another is engaged to be married soon. Dr. Laura is also the mother of a chocolate lab named Jackson and the grandmother of a mastiff named Atlas.

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Dr. Ryan Haldeman was raised in a small farm community in central Iowa. He earned a degree in psychology at the University of Iowa. He obtained hisDoctorate in Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)fromIowa Dental School. While in dental school Dr. Ryan developed a passion for both orthodontic and pediatric dentistry studies and completed his post-doctoral dual residency at theUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His combined specialties and understanding knowledge of child growth and development allow him to provide comprehensive orthodontic and dental care. Dr. Ryan is a member of theAmerican Association of OrthodontistsandThe American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

In 2003, Dr.Ryan joinedGreat Beginnings Pediatric and Orthodontic Specialists. His partnership with Great Beginnings Pediatric and Orthodontic Dental Specialists offers patients the opportunity for the multispecialty care that Dr. Ryan always dreamed of providing.Dr. Ryan and Dr. Stephanie are Western North Carolinasonly dual trained specialistsin both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Dr. Ryan enjoys utilizing his unique training to provide comprehensive care in both of these areas.

When Dr. Ryan is not creating smiles in his office or spending valuable time with his family, he is active in many local organizations such as theUnited Wayand theJuvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Dr. Ryan also invests in furthering his and his staffs education staying up to date on the latest trends in orthodontia and insuring the best possible all around experience for his patients.

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Dr. Stephanie was born and raised in Asheville, NC. As the daughter of Dr. Bill Chambers, Dr. Stephanie worked for Great Beginnings throughout high school. She attended the University Of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for college where she earned her degree in Biology and also attended University Of North Carolina School Of Dentistry at Chapel Hill for dental school where she earned her Doctorate of Dental Surgery. During dental school, Dr. Stephanie was recognized for her promise in pediatric dentistry when she received the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Pre-doctoral Student Award for Outstanding Promise in the Field of Pediatric Dentistry.

After dental school, Dr. Stephanie completed a pediatric dental residency at the Ohio State University and Nationwide Childrens Hospital. During her pediatric dental residency she received extensive training in hospital dentistry as well as complex craniofacial and special needs patients. She earned a Masters of Science Degree by completing a thesis project that has contributed to the understanding of how an oral bacterium evolves from birth to adolescence and how bacteria is transmitted from mother to child. In 2014, Dr. Stephanie became a Board Certified Diplomate of Pediatric Dentistry by completing her residency and both the written and oral exams.

Dr. Stephanie then chose to continue her education by attending the Medical University of South Carolina to receive additional specialized training in Orthodontics and seek an additional Masters of Science Degree in Dentistry. Dr. Stephanie joins Dr. Haldeman as one of the areas only dual trained specialists in both Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics. Dr. Stephanie sees patients in both the Pediatric and Orthodontic Offices.

Dr. Stephanie has a passion for basketball as a former athlete. She stays active playing in recreational basketball leagues as well as participating in other activities such as tennis, running, hiking, and swimming. She is an active participant in the community through the involvement with the Special Olympics, charity runs like the Asheville Turkey Trot, and kids events such as the Asheville Downtown Dribble.

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Dr. Paul was born and raised in Cheraw, SC. Dr. Paul has spent his entire life involved in the profession of Dentistry, as six members of his family are dentists. He attended Campbell University, Buies Creek, for college where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He attended The Medical University of South Carolina, College of Dental Medicine for dental school where he earned his Doctorate of Dental Medicine, DMD. During his time in dental school, Dr. Paul served as the American Student Dental Association President and served as a student liaison to the South Carolina Dental Board. Dr. Paul was awarded the Pierre Fauchard Academy Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Leadership as well as the American Association of Orthodontics Award for the Demonstration of Outstanding Qualities in the Study of the Oro-Facial Complex.

After dental school, Dr. Paul completed an additional three-year orthodontic residency at The Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine, Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics.

For the past two years, Dr. Paul has been mastering his esthetic development of smiles through the use of Invisalign, clear aligner orthodontics, which is highly sought after in the esthetic community of downtown Charleston, SC. Dr. Paul not only emphasizes how beautiful a smile can be but also how the teeth can improve facial contours and esthetics. During his time in Charleston, Dr. Paul has had patients travel from Philadelphia, California, New Mexico, and even Saudi Arabia to seek his expertise in clear aligner orthodontics and facial esthetics.

Dr. Paul will now practice orthodontics alongside one of the most amazing doctors he knows, his wife, Dr. Stephanie Chambers. Dr. Paul feels fortunate that he will have the opportunity to practice orthodontics in one of the greatest cities in the world and could not be more thankful than to be somewhere as beautiful as Asheville. Dr. Pauls passion for life and creating beautiful smiles is evident when you meet him. He is excited to bring his energy to the Asheville community.

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Dr. Stephen G. Chadwick specializes in Pediatric Dentistry and is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry in Chapel Hill. Upon graduation, Dr. Stephen completed a general practice residency in Hampton, Virginia. He then practiced general dentistry for four years in Northern California while serving as the Dental Director of a community health center. It was during this time Dr. Stephen realized his passion for treating children and adolescents and decided to pursue specialized training in this field. He completed a pediatric dental residency and received a Master of Science in Dentistry and a Master of Public Health from the University of Washington where he still serves as the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Coordinator. Dr. Stephen is a member of the American Dental Association, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, North Carolina Dental Society, and the Buncombe County Dental Society.

Dr. Stephen was born and raised in Charlotte, NC and after eight years on the West Coast is excited to have returned home to raise his family in Western North Carolina. He and his wife, Emmy, are expecting a son and have a two-year-old daughter, Caroline. They enjoy hiking, backpacking, sailing, and spending time together.

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Dr. Jon is a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry and an alumnus the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. Following graduation, he returned to his home state to complete a two-year residency in Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Florida. During his training, Dr. Jon worked with a broad variety of pediatric patients, including those with special needs and those requiring hospital dentistry and medically-complex care. He is also fluent in Spanish and greatly enjoys treating children of all backgrounds. Dr. Jon certified through the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry and is an active member in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, the North Carolina Dental Society and the Buncombe County Dental Society.

Dr. Jon and his wife, Abby, moved to Asheville in 2019 and thus far have absolutely loved their new home! The Wybles enjoy hiking, traveling, exploring their new city and taking their dog, Iggy, on all sorts of adventures. Dr. Jon enjoys playing golf and soccer, although he also loves watching football and basketball as an avid fan of the Auburn Tigers. War Eagle!

The doctors of Great Beginnings and Great Smiles love their careers in Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics! They support Virtual Job Shadow and encourage all patients to find the career of their dreams. In this Virtual Job Shadow video, Dr. Stephanie Chambers shares her passion for orthodontics and why she chose a career in dentistry.


Why are orthodontists different from dentists? ›

Orthodontists and dentists both help patients improve their oral health, but in different ways. Dentistry is a broad medical specialty that deals with the teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw, while orthodontics is a specialty within dentistry that focuses on correcting bites, occlusion, and the straightness of teeth.

Is being an orthodontist rewarding? ›

“It takes many years of higher education to become an orthodontist, but it is the most rewarding career I can imagine.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 4.5% employment growth for orthodontists between 2021 and 2031. In that period, an estimated 300 jobs should open up.

Why do orthodontists charge so much? ›

Issues like labor costs, necessary materials, the intricate mechanisms found within the braces themselves and each visit that the patient must take to the dentist chair all add up to equal the price of a beautiful, straight smile.

Is it better to be a dentist or an orthodontist? ›

Orthodontists typically specialize in aligning teeth and jaws, while dentists can help patients achieve a cleaner, healthier smile through cleanings, X-rays, and even surgery.

How much does the highest paid orthodontist make? ›

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $392,180 and as low as $69,036, the majority of Orthodontist salaries currently range between $254,599 (25th percentile) to $365,742 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $386,795 annually in California.

What is stressful about being an orthodontist? ›

Being an orthodontist can also be socially exhausting at times. Because much of the work can be delegated to dental assistants, orthodontists see higher volumes of patients per day than most other medical and dental specialties.

Can you negotiate price with orthodontist? ›

Ask for a Discount

Orthodontists may offer a discount if payment is made in full at the start of service, or they may have reduced rates for multiple children in the same family. For instance, Risas Dental and Braces offers a 20% discount to patients when they pay in full, according to Adams.

Is it better to pay in full for braces? ›

Payment in full at the beginning of treatment may provide a way to save some money. Many orthodontists will give a discount if the entire treatment fee is paid when the braces are placed. Discounts vary from office to office, but are usually in the 3%-7% range.

What makes braces cheaper? ›

Some of the ways include orthodontic insurance, nonprofits, or dental discount plans. But one of the best ways to find affordable braces is to consider at-home clear aligners, which can be used to straighten mild to moderate cases of teeth and jaw misalignment, also known as 'malocclusion' in the dentistry world.

Which is harder being a dentist or a doctor? ›

Typically, dentists experience less demanding work loads than physicians. While they might have adjusted schedules to meet the needs of their patients, most dentists can expect to work standard business hours and achieve relatively high levels of work-life balance.

Do orthodontists go to medical school? ›

Do Orthodontists Go To Medical School? No, orthodontists go to dental school, which is similar to medical school because it also involves an extensive curriculum and considerable clinical training.

Is dentistry harder than med school? ›

Both schools have the same levels of difficulty when it comes to courses and disciplines. The dental school offers practical courses much earlier into the schooling. Medical school offers only classroom learning during the first 2 years.

Can orthodontists make mistakes? ›

In some cases, a treatment may also fail due to poor planning from the very beginning. This is common with people who start their treatment with poorly made impressions that are then used to create their appliance.

How many times should you go to the orthodontist? ›

With traditional braces, you will most likely need to see the orthodontist every four to eight weeks. During your appointment, your orthodontist will determine if your teeth are progressing correctly. They may tighten the braces, replace wires, or make other adjustments.

Do orthodontists do things other than braces? ›

Aligners are a fairly newer orthodontic appliance compared to others but are quickly growing in popularity. Like braces, they are used to help straighten and align the teeth. Aligners can be used for mild to moderate cases of overbites, underbites, open bites, crossbites, and crowded teeth.

What is the best state for orthodontists? ›

Best States For an Orthodontist

In fact, our research shows that Alaska is the best state for orthodontists in America. The best city in America for orthodontists with the highest pay is Sacramento, CA. Orthodontists in Juneau make the most money. Fairbanks and Anchorage are other high paying cities for orthodontists.

What states pay orthodontist the most? ›

Best-Paying States for Orthodontists

The states and districts that pay Orthodontists the highest mean salary are Massachusetts ($344,120), Maryland ($336,720), Virginia ($324,660), Maine ($304,560), and North Carolina ($296,460). How Much Do Orthodontists Make in Your City?

What is the highest degree for an orthodontist? ›

You will need to have completed a Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) or Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.D.M.) program accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA).

What personality type is an orthodontist? ›

Orthodontists tend to be predominantly investigative individuals, which means that they are quite inquisitive and curious people that often like to spend time alone with their thoughts. They also tend to be social, meaning that they thrive in situations where they can interact with, persuade, or help people.

Are orthodontist happy with their job? ›

On average, orthodontists rate the meaningfulness of their work a 3.6/5. Unlike many careers, orthodontists have little difficulty finding meaning in their work, and it likely constitutes one of the main reasons people become orthodontists.

What are some hard skills for orthodontist? ›

The most common hard skill for an orthodontist is patients. 68.4% orthodontists have this skill on their resume. The second most common hard skill for an orthodontist is diagnosis appearing on 6.1% of resumes. The third most common is osha on 3.4% of resumes.

Why do orthodontists change brackets? ›

Your orthodontist needs to regularly adjust your braces in order for them to continue to place the correct pressure on your teeth. Your elastics need changing at each appointment, and your wires may need to be replaced, adjusted or tightened.

Can orthodontists do fillings? ›

Only a dentist can help with cavities, gum disease and more, while only an orthodontist can straighten your teeth in a certain way.

Can orthodontist remove wisdom teeth? ›

Yes, an orthodontist can remove your wisdom teeth, but they may not do it. In reality, most dentists know how to remove a wisdom tooth properly, but that doesn't mean that they will extract it themselves. This could be because of a lack of equipment or because the procedure is outside their comfort zone.

How do I know if my orthodontist is doing a good job? ›

A Good Orthodontist Communicates Well.

Not only will the orthodontist explain every part of the treatment and payment options, but they will also listen to any concerns or questions the patient has. They will make sure to answer the question thoroughly and make sure that everything was covered.

How many years do braces stay on? ›

The average amount of time for braces is between 1 and 3 years. But you may need them for a shorter or longer amount of time depending on your circumstances. Here are some factors that can impact how long you need to wear braces.

How many times do braces need to be tightened? ›

Frequency of Braces Tightening

The average frequency is 4-6 weeks. They might call you sooner or later, depending on your case. But sometimes, you might need braces tightening before your scheduled appointment. Contact your orthodontist at the earliest if you feel that your braces are losing grip early.

Why did my orthodontist put my brackets so low? ›

Bracket placement location relies heavily on the kind of movement required of each tooth. Brackets may be placed higher or lower on the teeth depending on which direction they need to shift in order to leave you with the most perfect possible smile.

Can dentist do all my fillings at once? ›

People who require multiple fillings often ask how many tooth fillings can be done at once. Technically, there is no limit to the number of filling you can get in one session. However, dentists do not recommend having more than three fillings at a time. Your mouth needs time to heal after the dental fillings procedure.

Can I have braces if I have pasta? ›

Foods that can be eaten with braces include: Bread – pre-cut loaves of bread, soft tacos and tortillas are safe options. Dairy – soft cheese, yoghurt and dips are fine to eat with braces. Grains– rice, noodles and all kinds of cooked pasta are soft and suitable for braces.

Is it bad to have cavities while having braces? ›

Cavities weaken your tooth, which could cause problems as we prepare to move your teeth into their correct positions. Fillings strengthen your teeth, and they will keep bacteria from growing and causing further damage. Fillings won't affect your ability to wear braces or clear aligners.

Why experts now say not to remove your wisdom teeth? ›

That exposes the underlying bone and nerves and results in severe pain. More serious risks, which become more common with age, include nerve and blood-vessel damage. As with any surgery, wisdom-tooth removal does carry the very rare risk of death.

Do dentists put you to sleep when removing wisdom teeth? ›

Your dentist or oral surgeon administers local anesthesia with one or more injections near the site of each extraction. Before you receive an injection, your dentist or surgeon will likely apply a substance to your gums to numb them. You're awake during the tooth extraction.

Is it normal to extract 4 teeth for braces? ›

Extracting 4 teeth at once is not very common. Your dentist or oral surgeon will make the final determination, but generally, it takes a few appointments to remove 4 teeth. Your orthodontist will do a thorough examination to determine whether this will be a necessary procedure for your orthodontic need.


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